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How long will it take to build an office in my garden?
This depends on many factors, such as as size and complexity, but the average office takes between 15 and 20 days on site to build. Apart from the weather there are a number of things that cause delays. The most common is the lead time for doors
and windows to be ordered and to arrive on site. Good preparation and early decision making will speed the project up as some outside contractors have to be organised, such as plasterers and roofers.

How much will it cost to build an office in my garden?
Garden offices start at around £20,000 + VAT for the basic model but each one is unique and so the prices depend on what type of doors and windows you would like as well as the type of roof covering. Certain claddings are also more expensive than others. One thing to take in to account is the distance from the house and how easy is it to connect up to the existing electricity supply.

Do I need planning permission?
Normally you do not need permission as in most cases the build will fall under permitted development, but it's always best to check that what you propose is within the allowable size and regulations of your particular local authority. What we build is classed as a 'temporary structure' much like a shed or summerhouse, so as long as you do not intend to use it for living accommodation it's usually fine. You will not be allowed to plumb in any water supply or attach drainage.

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What kind of ground preparation do I need?
We do all the ground preparation so you don't need to anything. Some companies require a concrete slab to be laid  but we build on a timber platform that can accommodate any difference in levels, provides much more insulation and prevents rot.

What services can I have in my office?
We work alongside a fully qualified electrician who will hook up the electricity supply to the main consumer unit (fuse box) in the house. Once that's achieved you can have under floor heating, storage heaters or even air-conditioning. We can also run cables for high speed internet, telephone and door entry systems. You will not be allowed to connect any water supplies or a gas supply. 

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